Kharsang Field

The Kharsang block is located in the Upper Assam basin in the north-eastern region of India, which contains some of India’s largest producing oil fields. This is the Company’s oldest block and has been in production since 1983. Jubilant acquired 25% interest in the field from ‘OIL’ in 1995. A total of 70 wells have been drilled in the field to date, of which 33 are currently producing.

The Kharsang license covers an area of approximately 10 sq kms and is operated by GeoEnpro Petroleum Ltd.

The consortium concluded a successful seven-wells Phase III and further a 6 well Phase III extension development drilling programme.

Since 1995, the Consortium has steadily increased the output from the field from an initial (should be consistent with Annual report) bopd to the current levels of ~ 2000 bopd. The Consortium reported its highest ever recorded production of 2,253 barrels of oil on 23 October, 2012. The cumulative oil production till March 2013 was 10.84 MMbbls and the remaining oil reserves stood at 4.4 MMbbls.

Consequent to the Phase III development drilling programme, and in line with the Company’s strategy to maximize the potential of its producing assets, a Phase III Extension Development drilling plan comprising six infill wells commenced in February 2013, aimed at maintaining the target production from Kharsang field gain incremental oil if possible. Four wells were already put on stream and contributing more than 250 BOPD to the current production. KSG -69 has been designated as a gas well for future production.

The acquisition of 3D seismic survey in the field has been completed. The dataset will provide better subsurface imaging and understanding at the reservoir level and also provide a robust subsurface imaging at the deeper Tipam levels.

The consortium is also piloting various other projects in order to increase the production from the Kharsang field, such as Sand Control, Wax Inhibition Multi-Zone Single String and Dual String Completion and Gas Lifting Using CNG.

A Reserves and Resources Estimation was done by GCA as on 31 December 2011. The gross 2P oil and gas reserves are 3.85 MMbbls and 43.5bcf, while the contingent oil and gas resources have been estimated as 3.13MMbbls and 27.7 bcf. Best estimate inrisked prospective oil and gas resources are 12.5MMbbls and 398bcf.


Last updated on 15th of Dec 2013